Hydro Therapy Pond (For Animal)

  • A form of physical therapy that uses the therapeutic benefits of water to perform physical rehabilitation in animals, Hydrotherapy helps cope with pain and promotes healing by increasing muscle strength, balance and range of motion of joints and the spine.
  • In case of elephants the buoyancy of water helps experience weightlessness by taking the massive weight off their feet and making them feel relaxed.


Hydrotherapy, formerly called hydropathy and also calledwater cure, is a branch of alternative medicine(particularly naturopathy), occupational therapy, and physiotherapy, that involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment.

The term encompasses a broad range of approaches and therapeutic methods that take advantage of the physical properties of water, suchas temperature and pressure, to stimulate blood circulation, and treat the symptoms of certain diseases.

Various therapies used in the present-day hydrotherapy employ water jets, underwater massage and mineral baths (e.g. balneotherapy,Iodine-Grine therapy, Kneipp treatments, Scotch hose, Swiss-shower, thalassotherapy) or whirlpool bath, hot Roman bath, hot tub, Jacuzzi, and cold plunge.