Electrocoagulation Technology (EC)

  1. Textile Industries likes printing, Dyeing,
    Water jet looms etc. For treatment & recycling of
    waste water.
  2. Automobile Industries for management and
    recycling of their wash water.
  3. Grey water treatment and recycling in commercial
    and residential complexes.
  4. Sewage water treatment And recycling in
    commercial and residential complexes.
  5. Removal of heavy metal , fluride from water &
  6. For primary treatment of Canal & Ground water.


ECOAGULATION is a incomparable technology for treatment and recycling of All Textile industries and sewage waste water.it’s works on the principle ofelectro-coagulation which is of process of controlled release of metal iron and aluminium in waste water.
At the heart of ECOAGULATION is a impressive control unit Along with a simple yet effective electro chemical reactor. ECOAGULATION is a indian designed process , Everything you need to look for good quality.

ECOAGULATION is an Electro-Coagulation technology , where in waste water is passed through an specially designed electrochemical cell which is having uniquely fitted electrodes and are made of either iron or aluminum or both.This electrochemical cell is powered with a specific density of electrical current through an brilliant power supply unit. Interaction of the current , electrode and waste water flowing through the reactor destabilizes the suspended and dissolved contaminants in waste water , converting them into an easily filterable flocs.This flocs laden water post it’s exit from the reactor is send to a suitable filtration device to filter out the flocs, resulting in a clear water which can then be send for further treatment or reuse.