Common Effluent Treatment

CETP is designed on the basis of:
– Quality and flow rate of the wastewater.
– Effluent standard required by CETP.
– Possibility of recycle and reuse of treated wastewater.
– Availability of land, manpower, energy and expertise in specific treatment methods.
– Willingness of the industries located in the industrial estate to contribute towards the capital and operating expenses of CETP.


The concept of common effluent treatment plant has been accepted as a solution for collecting, conveying, treating, and disposing of the effluents from the industrial estates.

The effluent include industrial wastewaters and domestic sewage generated from the estate.

This CETP concept helps small and medium scale industries to dispose of their effluents. Otherwise it may not be economical for these industries to treat their wastewaters or there may be space constraints.

Some of these industries may require to give preliminary treatment (for removal of solids) so that the receiving sewers can be maintained free flowing.

It may be required to correct pH or removal of specific pollutant before the industry discharges in CETP.