Chemical Technology (CEETP)

• To extreme the necessity of minimize pollutant concentration in the effluents and reduce the wastes production.
• To suggest strategies to reduce pollutant wastes production and their emission to the environment.
• Advanced wastewater treatment is defined as the processes that remove more pollutants from wastewater than the conventional treatments. This term may be applied usually as tertiary treatment, but most of their goals are to remove nitrogen, phosphorus, and suspended solids.


Effluent is generated in many manufacturing industries like textile, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, tanneries etc. Contaminated water cannot be released without treatment as it contains toxic and non-toxic chemicals. Releasing it may cause contamination of the existing pure water and will affect the environment. As a result ETP’s are installed in most manufacturing industries.

The Effluent treatment plants (ETP) are used for the removal of high amounts of organic compounds, debris, dirt, grit, pollution, toxic, non-toxic materials and polymers etc. from industrial effluent. The ETP plants use evaporation and drying methods and other auxiliary techniques such as centrifuging, filtration , incineration for chemical processing and effluent treatment.